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Motec Life-UK is a medical charity based in West Hertfordshire comprising volunteer and allied health professionals whose objectives are to provide educational, training and health care services to the underprivileged people of the West African subcontinent especially Ghana. This is being achieved through a co-ordinated programme of working visits to TARGET HEALTH INSTITUTIONS/ORGANISATIONS in the sub-Saharan region (17 West African State members of the West African College of Surgeons). Membership is multi-disciplinary, multi-national multi-cultural and multi-faith to reflect on the current trend of One Global World, One People. The organisation is linked with the Tropical Health and Educational Trust (THET), affiliated to the World Orthopaedic Concern (UK) and supported by the International Organisation for Migration (I.O.M.) / Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA),  The Ghana High Commission (GHC-London), Benecare Medical, The London postgraduate School of Surgery, School and Health Foundation of Ireland  and also we cherish the tenets of  the World Health Organisation (WHO). The charity operates under an umbrella of   an experienced group of patrons including Lord David Alton of the Liverpool John Moores University and House of Lords.

Motec Life UK is registered with the Charity Commission (England and Wales) - Registration Number 1118994 Follow us    


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MOTEC LIFE UK RADIOLOGY TEAM IN GHANA The 4th Lord Alton course for Ghana was delivered by a Motec team of five led by...

Posted by MOTEC Life-UK on Friday, 30 December 2022



The 2nd team of 2 surgeons and 1 anaesthetist led by Mr Adedapo carried out 41 complex operations on children with deformities over 5 days returned to UK on Sunday. All the children have been discharged and the successful mission of this group is admirable.

This year the 3rd Motec team arrives in Ghana on Tuesday for the above programme They have delivered beautifully in the past and I am looking forward for the team of 5 to perform at their best for the Ghana College of Surgeons at the Accra Medical Centre.

Dr Ash Bhagat leads the team.


Monks Spout three and a quarter century birthday Motecvates the Jacksons, the Glasshouse Hill community and friends to raise funds at a garden party for good causes for Motec work in Ghana.

Full Report

















Motec all day pre-op webinar training on pre-op assessment in Accra
successfully delivered on 24th February 2022









Profile of the late Daasebre Oti Boateng


Motec Life Interview GHGB



Trailer...watch this space



Motec organises a webinar on knee replacements at Accra Medical Centre


Corin Webinars

downloads zip file


Motec remembers The Late Prof Nigel Standfield



See our new MotecLife-UK Brochure


Daughter of Motec President puts her father on the spot

Daughter of Motec President puts her father on the spot https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=907846066717917

Posted by MOTEC Life-UK on Sunday, 4 April 2021


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Eulogy to The Late Prof Nigel Standfield whose demise was announced in London in mid March 2021 He was the first...

Posted by MOTEC Life-UK on Saturday, 27 March 2021

Eulogy to The Late Prof Nigel Standfield


Fantastic news for Ghana

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Posted by MOTEC Life-UK on Wednesday, 24 February 2021



Outcome of Motec Zoom General Meetings- 2ND October 2020/10th January 2021

Fellow Volunteers!

Trying times don’t seem to be running out but I am confident that the COVID -19 Pandemic will come under control by early summer...read more


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Dear Volunteer,

AGM 2020 postponement and team visits to West Africa

A couple of weeks ago, we were looking forward to a Trustee meeting on the 5th of April. The situation continues to change around the world and lockdown is the norm.

In view of the current state of affairs, I have in good faith, with safety of our members in mind postponed the AGM indefinitely. The newly elected executive will run in a role as a non-Executive Trustee till the AGM officially confers the title 'New Executive'. A new date for the AGM will be agreed and published in due course. The term of office of the New Executive will be three years from the date of the AGM or as determined by the AGM and the constitution.

Also, all Motec team visits to Ghana / Nigeria / West Africa from now till mid-September all will be rescheduled. October and November teams may maintain their dates.

I urge you all to support all efforts to contain and dismantle the virus both in UK and Ghana.

The call by a member Oliver in support of medical and paramedical staff protection is laudable. I hope you will all contribute to this noble effort.

Thank you

P. Ofori-Atta MB.ChB(Univ. of Ghana). FRCS
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hertfordshire, England  (rtd)

Founding President, Motec Life - UK


MOTEC Life UK supports PPE for Ghana Healthcare Workers

A group of doctors from the UK and Ghana supported by the the Ghanaian Association of Doctors in  Residency are leading a campaign to improve the amount of personal protective equipment available to Ghanaian healthcare workers.  They have heard the stories from HCWs of a significant lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) at many Ghanaian facilities and have decided to help our colleagues fighting CoViD19. 

They have set up a direct link with a PPE factory who is already supplying to groups in Nigeria and UK.  Their aim is to raise enough money as quickly as possible to enable us to purchase and supply the equipment needed as soon as possible. 

They have set up a fundraising 'GOFUNDME' page and would be grateful for any donations you could make. We ask that you please share the link on to whomever you feel could help.

Please visit their website http://www.ppeforghanahealthcareworkers.com/ for more information.

 To donate please visit their GoFundMe page: 


Thank you for your support and help. 


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This is a great new way of donating to MotecLife-UK and is totally free of charge.
All you have to do is do your normal online shopping via this website and the company will pay the donation to Motec. No extra cost to yourself at all!
It's really that simple.

They have an App too!

Please start to use this website to support MotecLife-UK

Thank You


Jan 2019
Discovered article published in 2013 by Graphic Online, an interview with Paul Ofori-Atta titled Broadband Internet and Healthcare Delivery

Motec in the Ghanaian press - Ghanaian Times, Thursday 24th October 2013

Motec features prominently in
IOM-MIDA publication
(see pages 2, 3, 10, 12, 17, 22 & 23)

Motec in the press in Ghana

Appeal For Teaching Aids/Equipment

Hemel Hempstead Gazette 9th February, 2011

World Cup Panel in Hemel Hempstead 9th June 2010

Gift of life to Africa from charity with Motec-vation




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MotecLife-UK Brochure


Eulogy to The Late Prof Nigel Standfield


January 2021 Newsletter


Report on WOC-UK @ WACS Abuja - neglected club foot symposium


Nomination & Final Election results for 2020


2020 Diary


Membership Application Form (interactive) 2020-2021


MotecLife Election Nomination Form 2020


Election timetable 2020


Ghana Hospital Staff Training September 2019 Report by Jane Jackson


Speech at Nankese Abisim Ma Primary School


The Village School Project


bullet Long bone fractures
bullet Neck of Femur Fractures
bullet Senior Manager Seminar


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*Ghana’s burgeoning tech start-ups
*Fixing bones with a household drill
*Ebola deaths in West Africa pass 3,000

*Ebola virus a threat to UK
*Ghana's Girl Power

*US student makes choice after winning 8 Ivy League place
*Hollywood Star & Former Ambassador to Ghana Shirley Temple Dies

*In 2010 Ghana announced a 60% increase in GDP
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*Orthopaedic workshop for surgeons
*MotecLife-UK Hosts Daasebre Oti Boateng
*2012 Olympics schedule revealed

Ghana Election Watch


BBC Health

*Hip replacement death rates show 'dramatic fall'
*Malaria vaccine shows early promise in clinical trials
*Hip resurfacing prone to failure, say doctors

*MHRA: Metal hip implant patients need life-long checks
*Fake malaria drugs could 'put millions at risk'
*A-Z of medical conditions
*GM mosquitoes offer malaria hope

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Is Ghana the next African economic tiger?


 Modern Ghana Web on acebook

David Alton


Very interesting reading from Lord Alton on poverty and tropical diseases
on a special occasion of the visit of the former President of Ghana

Mr John Kufuor to UK


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